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Company Profile


Penglai Xinguang Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd., specializing in production of pigments, is located in Penglai, Shandong, which is known as “Fairyland on Earth”. It covers an area of 120,000m2, and has a total of more than 350 employees including 63 persons with college degree or above and 30 professional engineering technicians. With a pigment chemical institute, the company continuously develops new products and puts them on the market, realizing the annual productivity of 20,000 tons of pigments which are divided into five classes and fall into more than fifty assortments. Its products are applicable for coatings, ink, plastic products, coating printing and other industries. The company has a self-support import & export right, with 60% of its products exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.

In the principle of “Science and technology are the primary productive forces”, the company broadly accepts talented persons, and introduces foreign advanced technologies and equipment, to improve the technological content of its products continuously. “Xianqiao” pigments include Chinese blue, chrome yellow, organic red, organic yellow, phthalocyanine and other series of products, with the annual productivity of more than 20,000 tons. Its products are sold well in China, and moreover, more than 60% of the products are exported to Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, in which “Chinese Blue” has won the honorary title of “Shandong Famous Product”, with its yield and market share ranking in the first place of the world. According to customer requirements, the company can provide coloring pigments which are applicable for various coatings, ink, plastics, rubber, building materials, leather, coating printing, synthetic fiber raw color paste and other industry products, and are quantitatively applied to bactericides of grapes and other crops and for colorants of eye shadows and other female cosmetics in European and American markets.

The company has a quality inspection center which can reinforce the product control over raw material inspection, finished product inspection, application performance inspection and all the other links, to ensure the product quality. Particularly, the company is exclusively configured with liquid chromatographs manufactured by SHIMADZU, colorimeters produced by MECK and other detecting instruments, as well as “Red Devil” oscillators. Plastic mixing mills, three-roller grinders, sand mills, printing performance testers and other kinds of application test equipment are supported by technical operators matched therewith. The company has formulated a strict operating instruction, to provide customers with actually satisfied products, technical support and service.

In the philosophy of “Win-win Enterprise Benefits and Environmental Protection”, the company has won sustainable and healthy development through technical progress, management innovation, value-added service, clean production, cost reduction and competitiveness improvement on the premise of environmental protection; the company has input a huge investment to establish an environmental protection processing system and a provincially networked “online pollution discharge” automatic control device, thus ensuring the up-to-standard release of sewage treatment.

In the tenet of “Pragmatic Innovation, Technology Prosperity, Continuous Improvement”, “Xianqiao” pigments have become a famous brand in the industry. The company is strategically targeted at creating a world-leading pigment brand. “Keeping the world more beautiful and graceful” is the unremitting pursuit of every Xinguang people. Xinguang is striding forward to become a world-leading pigment company along the road of S&T innovation and sustainable improvement.

Zheng Hongyu, the president of the company, welcomes foreign and domestic customers to contact us for a common grand prospect!